Cold weather! You know what this means, Chicago…

Time to find a boyfriend! Hopefully this internet dating pans out…

(It’s typically quite terrible but I still have hope.). Have I mentioned that most terrifying 5 moments of a day are the ones before you meet your internet date?


This is a polaroid of my brother Tom.

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I’m over Chicago.

All I have to do is run this stinking marathon- then what? Who out there wants to tell me where to go. I’m done, and not ready for another Chicago winter.

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Crap! I have to run the Chicago marathon

And raise $1100 more for Chicago parks!

Can anyone help?

I’m sorry, team.

But I just signed up for the Chicago marathon, and the only way to do so was through a charity… expect to get solicited for donations for our glorious Chicago Parks! fairly regularly until I reach $1500 (god I hope I can do this).

I’m confident I got the running, it’s the fundraising I’m worried about.

Alex and I hash out internet dating

Oh man guys…

I’ve decided to give online dating a try and it might be worse than facebook what have I done…

I’ll give it a week.

Then it’s back to the plan of meeting a dude in a bar, hooking up right away, and forcing a relationship out of it.


This is a polaroid of my cousin Hannah.

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Let’s just pretend I’m winking and not making a stink eye!


This photo is of my grandma and grandpa on their wedding day…


  • Tom: well if you are dating someone who has a car-
  • me: cats don't drive cars...
  • Us: lolz