What am I doing with my life!?

Since my completion of the marathon all I have done is pretty much sit in bed and watch Gilmore Girls on netflix.


Are you waiting Sherlock?))

Gah!!! Lol

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I cut some bangs… And drank some gin and thought I should shoot a selfie. Sorry guys.

What. next?

Quit my job. New city scouting. Eep! The future starts slow but it starts now…

Fighting the tears. So exhausted but some of my favorite people were there at the end. In so much pain today- my first and last marathon! 3:50:18

Today I run! Tomorrow, I have to find something new to talk about!!!

Only $175 left to raise!

And 26.2 miles left to run!

Can you help me reach my goal?


Accidentally found this view yesterday. Turns out my cousins wedding is today… Whoops.

the cutest thing I have ever seen

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I am so close to my fundraising goal!

A month ago I freaked out and signed up for the Chicago Marathon through Chicago Parks Foundation…. Meaning I have to raise $1500. I am within $300 of my goal! Pass this on! Help me preserve the urban green space that keeps it all level for people like me and you.


Top 5 songs on my marathon playlist:

I am not quite sure what this says about me but here goes:

5. “Red Eye” Vance Joy

4. “Seasons” Future Islands

3. “Money on my Mind” Sam Smith

2. “Do You” Spoon

1. “Paranoid” Kanye West

This close to quitting my job

And traveling for a month, to work a seasonal job and travel again in the new year!

I’m still considering this my summer of sure…

New favorite song of the week… possibly a touch melancholic explaining a few of my frustrations about my current employment. And the waiting. Always the hardest part.

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That was a long run, at less than 9 minutes a mile pace. Now someone please feed me.