I am so close to my fundraising goal!

A month ago I freaked out and signed up for the Chicago Marathon through Chicago Parks Foundation…. Meaning I have to raise $1500. I am within $300 of my goal! Pass this on! Help me preserve the urban green space that keeps it all level for people like me and you.


Top 5 songs on my marathon playlist:

I am not quite sure what this says about me but here goes:

5. “Red Eye” Vance Joy

4. “Seasons” Future Islands

3. “Money on my Mind” Sam Smith

2. “Do You” Spoon

1. “Paranoid” Kanye West

This close to quitting my job

And traveling for a month, to work a seasonal job and travel again in the new year!

I’m still considering this my summer of sure…

New favorite song of the week… possibly a touch melancholic explaining a few of my frustrations about my current employment. And the waiting. Always the hardest part.

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That was a long run, at less than 9 minutes a mile pace. Now someone please feed me.

A little bit of jibber jabber…

So today I plan to run the longest distance yet- 20 miles. Last weekend I completed my furthest then, 16 miles and other than a little soreness it was actually quite pleasant.

People seem to think I’m crazy for doing this marathon, (granted most these “people” work with me in a restaurant) but it feels like the most normal thing I could be doing. It’s never been a secret that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life and for a while there I stopped making goals completely. I figured focusing on a marathon for charity would be a temporary and completable task.

I know it’s a tall order, but I am hoping on today’s trot around my Windy City I find some kind of insight about what I really want to be doing next… You know, as my body starts to break down and I start hallucinating… Then I hope someone buys me dinner.

This year has been nothing like I could have expected it to be, and it’s not over yet… Much as I suppose this marathon will be.

Guys! Dispite some insomnia last night today is turning into a very nice day!

I am $125 closer to my fundraising goal than I was when I woke up in a cold sweat this morning.

It’s fricken glorious outside and I am about to go running (and it’s only a short run today!).

The people at PNC were just sooo nice! (They always are, best bank switch I could have made!).

A few very good-news emails to brighten my day!

This jam:


And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.
John Steinbeck, East of Eden
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Favorite book

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Cold weather! You know what this means, Chicago…

Time to find a boyfriend! Hopefully this internet dating pans out…

(It’s typically quite terrible but I still have hope.). Have I mentioned that most terrifying 5 moments of a day are the ones before you meet your internet date?


This is a polaroid of my brother Tom.

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I’m over Chicago.

All I have to do is run this stinking marathon- then what? Who out there wants to tell me where to go. I’m done, and not ready for another Chicago winter.

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Crap! I have to run the Chicago marathon

And raise $1100 more for Chicago parks!

Can anyone help?